Flowspace Technology Platform

Flowspace software powers the entire post-purchase experience.

The Flowspace platform provides a command center for brands, centralizing Order Management, Inventory Forecasting and Network Optimization into one place. A user-friendly dashboard provides real-time inventory visibility and rich customer insights. Flowspace’s software is integrated throughout the hundreds of fulfillment centers in the Flowspace Network.

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Connect to your online and retail stores

With native integrations for Shopping Carts, Marketplaces, and Retail Stores, Flowspace makes it easy to connect your sales channels and send your orders with speed and accuracy. 

Manage replenishments with confidence

Stay ahead of low inventory and keep your items in stock with real-time inventory visibility, low inventory alerts, and a predictive view of remaining stock.

Improve shipping performance

Get real-time insights and recommendations on ways to streamline your operations and lower costs. Store your products closer to customers to save time and money on shipping with Flowspace.

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