Fulfillment Services In Bayonne, NJ

Ecommerce and retail fulfillment in Bayonne, NJ – Including DTC, B2B, Amazon, & more.

Finding fulfillment services in Bayonne has never been easier. Whether you’re outgrowing your current setup or expecting a spike in sales, Flowspace’s platform gives you access to everything you need to make it happen – including fast customer support, flexible fulfillment, and a network that powers 2-day shipping, profitably.

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Flowspace Certified Warehousing

Flowspace inspects and approves each of our warehouses to ensure they meet security and quality standards. Our warehouses are staffed with workers who are available to receive your inventory, palletize your goods, and perform custom services like kitting or overlabeling.

Why Outsource E-Commerce Fulfillment in Bayonne

One glance at a map reveals why Bayonne is an optimal location for e-commerce order fulfillment, warehouse and 3PL services. Bayonne encompasses nearly 12 miles of prime real estate with access to the greater New York and New Jersey metro area.

As a gateway to New York, New Jersey and the rest of the East coast, Bayonne provides all of the benefits of a fulfillment warehouse in New York City, without the associated cost of doing business within the city limits


Preferred locations for e-commerce fulfillment warehouses in Bayonne are adjacent to consumer markets and within close proximity to intermodal ports and transportation arteries. From the Flowspace warehouse and fulfillment centers in Bayonne, we empower businesses, wholesalers, manufacturers, and merchants to:

  • Manage and distribute inventory anywhere in the country.
  • Offer same-day shipping to New Jersey customers.
  • Provide quick inventory turn around.
  • Speed up delivery times.
  • Reduce the cost of transportation.

Last-Mile facilities, such as those in Bayonne also enable quick inventory turn around and even faster delivery times, which makes it easier to service East region customers; deploy rabid distribution of same day orders and enable Just in Time (JIT) delivery to more than 17 million customers in New York and New Jersey.

Infrastructure & Space Availability

You’d be hard-pressed to find many other areas in New Jersey whose infrastructure lends itself better to domestic and international shipping opportunities than Bayonne. Flowspace warehouse and e-commerce fulfillment service in Bayonne offers some of the best and most flexible options available in the fulfillment industry today.

Despite the nearly unchecked growth of the e-commerce industry in recent years, the reinforced shipping infrastructure and numerous options for importing and exporting goods in and out of Bayonne support retailers as they enjoy commercial success in the area.

Locations Near Bayonne

East Brunswick

East Brunswick is served by numerous freeways as well as the nearby Newark International Airport and is less than 40 miles of downtown New York.

East Rutherford

East Rutherford is served by numerous freeways and right next door to New York City- the largest consumer market in the United States.

Why Choose Flowspace in Bayonne

Despite the high cost of rent, e-commerce businesses are jumping in line to pay a premium for the right location that works for their network. To meet the rising demand from e-commerce, 3PL warehouses, and logistics companies are ramping up the amount of goods they receive, repackage and ship.

Unfortunately, those service providers often require long term leases and costly inventory minimums. As a 3PL and on-demand warehousing provider, Flowspace makes e-commerce order fulfillment services, and 3PL warehouse services for businesses in Bayonne easy.

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Some of What We Offer

Priced Per Pallet

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Cold Storage

Ambient, Frozen, Cool, Organic, and Food-Grade Warehouses


Never Any Long-Term Contracts

Never Any Long-Term Contracts

Flowspace is the premium on-demand warehousing service in Bayonne enabling ecommerce retailers to respond to demand without exerting the extra cost, time and effort of securing warehousing. With over 10 million square feet of warehouse space located in nearly every corner of the city Flowspace is the end-to-end logistics partner designed to fit your needs.

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