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eCommerce Fulfillment and Warehouse Storage Space in Temecula with Flowspace On-Demand Warehousing

Are you looking for a 3PL with eCommerce fulfillment services and warehousing space for rent in Temecula? Then look no further than Flowspace. Flowspace is a California-based eCommerce fulfillment provider with warehouse space for rent in Temecula.

Flowspace makes warehousing in Temecula easy. We offer month-to-month storage space without long-term commitments, a free management system, cold storage, pick and pack, and dozens of custom services.

Why Outsource eCommerce Fulfillment in Temecula

There is great potential for e-retailers to profit from outsourcing eCommerce fulfillment to Flowspace in Temecula. With over 10M square feet of warehouse space, our strategically located fulfillment centers in Temecula enable our clients with on-demand eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment service helping them save time and money. It’s time to outsource your eCommerce fulfillment in Temecula to Flowspace if:

  • You are an e-retailer that ships more than 75 orders per month.
  • Your business relies heavily on imports from Asia, China and the Pacific.
  • Your eCommerce business is highly seasonal.
  • You don’t have the resources to pack boxes and ship orders.
  • You don’t have the space to store your inventory.
  • You don’t have the resources to invest in the warehousing, labor, distribution and supply chain infrastructure.


Preferred locations for eCommerce fulfillment warehouses are adjacent to consumer markets and within close proximity to intermodal ports and transportation arteries. From the Flowspace warehousing and fulfillment centers in Temecula, we empower e-retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and merchants to:

  • Manage and distribute inventory anywhere in the country.
  • Offer same-day shipping to Southern California customers.
  • Provide quick inventory turn around.
  • Speed up delivery times.
  • Reduce the cost of transportation.

Last-Mile facilities, such as those in Temecula enable quick inventory turn around and even faster delivery times. e-retailers in Temecula can also extend service to West region customers; deploy rabid distribution of same day orders and enable Just in Time (JIT) delivery to more than 24 million customers in Southern California.

Infrastructure & Space Availability

Flowspace in Temecula is the best choice for eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment in Southern California because of the abundance of logistics infrastructure in the region - beneficial to e-retailers looking to reduce the cost of drayage, shipping and delivery. Temecula is only 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles and especially popular among e-retailers for its proximity to two of the country’s busiest seaports, the Port of Los Angeles, and the Port of Long Beach. Port proximity means shipping and drayage costs are significantly lower in Temecula than in counties further inland. Other cities in the area are Chino, Gardena, and Irvine. While this area is high in demand, there are a number of listings for small users that need to be equidistant from the region's airports, seaports and intermodal hubs.

Getting started with Flowspace is easy. We just need to know a few details and we can get your product moved and stored often in as little as 24 hours.

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Van Nuys

Van Nuys is sandwiched between the 405 and the Hollywood freeway, ideal for eCommerce distribution and 3PL warehousing. Warehouses for rent in Van Nuys also boast immediate access to rail yards, the Port of LA, and labor pools from the surrounding areas.

Van nuys


Compton is a phenomenal location for eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment thanks to its easy access to interstates 710, 105, 110, and state route 91 - beneficial to e-retailers looking to reduce the cost of shipping and delivery.


What Do 3PL & Warehousing Services Cost in Temecula

Industrial vacancies in Southern California are at an all-time low of 5%. Vacancy rates in key transportation hubs and seaport cities such as Los Angeles and nearby Temecula are even lower. Industry experts attribute the current market conditions to the influx of eCommerce inventory, which now accounts for more than 1.5 billion feet of inventory space in Southern California alone. Rents are increasing nearly 6% every year as the increased demand for “last-mile” facilities near consumer markets cuts vacancy rates in the Los Angeles area to essentially zero. Despite the high cost of rent, e-retailers are jumping in line to pay a premium for the right location that works for their network.

Some Of What We Offer

    Priced Per Pallet

    Ecommerce Fulfillment

    Cold Storage

    Ambient, Frozen, Cool, Organic, and Food-Grade Warehouses


    Never Any Long-Term Contracts

Why Choose Flowspace in Temecula

To meet the rising demand from eCommerce, 3PL warehousing and logistics companies are ramping up the amount of goods they receive, repackage and ship. Unfortunately, those service providers often require long term leases and costly inventory minimums. That’s bad news for e-retailers who rapidly turn inventory during peak seasons, and those who only need inventory space for a short amount of time. On-Demand eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment is the answer to costly long-term leases, inventory minimums and rent fluctuations. Flowspace is the premium On-Demand warehousing and fulfillment service in California. We offer month-to-month storage space, cold storage, pick and pack, and a free management system that requires zero integration, and zero long-term commitments. Flowspace makes eCommerce warehousing and fulfillment easy. Contact us today!

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