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Businesses in need of an e-commerce fulfillment center in San Leandro or warehouse space for rent in San Leandro need look no further than Flowspace. Flowspace is the premium 3PL warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment service in California.

Our e-commerce fulfillment services in San Leandro, California are part of a growing network of warehouses and fulfillment centers across California.

Why Outsource E-Commerce Fulfillment in San Leandro?

A quick glance at a map is all you need to see why San Leandro, California is an excellent location for e-commerce order fulfillment, warehousing, and 3PL services. As the crown jewel of Alameda County, San Leandro is a veritable powerhouse for logistics, warehousing and fulfillment services, and supply chain operations in Northern California. San Leandro is only a short distance from large consumer markets in San Francisco and Oakland, making its location prime real estate for e-commerce. As a gateway to Oakland, San Leandro also offers the many benefits of a 3PL warehousing and shipping service in San Francisco, without the inevitable cost of doing business within a busy metropolis. Do any of these apply to your e-commerce business? If so, then it’s definitely time to outsource your e-commerce fulfillment to Flowspace in San Leandro, California.

  • Ships more than 75 orders per month.
  • Rely heavily on imports from Asia, China and the Pacific.
  • Operates on seasonal basis.
  • Lack of resources to pack boxes and ship orders.
  • Need space to store your inventory.
  • Require the resources to invest in the warehousing, labor, distribution and supply chain infrastructure.


San Leandro is an excellent option in the San Francisco Bay area to improve your e-commerce supply chain with 3PL warehousing and fulfillment services. It’s close to multiple large consumer markets and adjacent to intermodal ports and transportation arteries, importing and exporting goods has never been easier and more streamlined in a busy city location. In turn, this convenient location means your e-commerce business can deliver products more quickly, creating faster inventory turnover and saving you money. San Leandro is also home to many last-mile facilities, which grant e-commerce businesses and wholesalers access to customers across the San Francisco Bay region. Flowspace offers e-commerce warehousing and fulfillment services that enable your e-commerce business to distribute same-day orders and provide Just in Time (JIT) delivery to more than 15 million customers in Northern California. Flowspace maintains millions of square feet of strategically located warehousing and fulfillment centers in San Leandro, meaning our clients have access to the on-demand shipping services they need for their business to remain both cost-effective and efficient.

Infrastructure & Space Availability

Smack dab in the middle of Alameda County and on the Eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, San Leandro offers incredible comprehensive access to the Northern California region’s logistics infrastructure. As this is a sought-after location, prices and space are highly competitive, but the close proximity to the Bay ensures the costs for drayage and transportation remain even more so. Affordable and rentable e-commerce fulfillment warehouse space in San Leandro can be hard to come by, especially amongst e-commerce businesses looking for lower rents than in neighboring Oakland. Other cities in the area include Hayward, Alameda, and Union City. Don’t be discouraged by the high demand for space in the location- there are available listings for e-commerce businesses searching for warehouse and fulfillment centers in close proximity to the airport, intermodal hubs, and multiple shipping ports.

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Nicknamed “The Island City” and colloquially known as “the island”, the California city of Alameda occupies two islands in addition to a small section of the mainland and used to be a peninsula of neighboring Oakland. Surrounded by water, Alameda is the ultimate shipping location, and with three bridges in and out of the city delivery by land and water is equally accessible.



Located due south of San Leandro, Flowspace has many established e-commerce warehousing and fulfillment service location in the Hayward area, which are highly coveted by e-commerce businesses searching for same-day delivery deployment, last-mile service, easy access to the eastern San Francisco bay coastline, and JIT shipping to dense population centers across Northern California.


What Do 3PL & Warehousing Services Cost in San Leandro?

Let’s face it- industrial vacancies in Northern California are hard to come by, and when they do, they’re often well outside your e-commerce business’s budget or needs. Indeed, vacancy rates in critical transportation centers and coastal cities like San Francisco and nearby Oakland are in even greater demand. Studies have shown again and again that the current market conditions in Northern California are due in no small part to the influx of e-commerce inventory- accounts for millions of feet of inventory space in the region. E-commerce businesses are driving a spike in rental costs as the competitive demand for “last-mile” facilities in close proximity to larger consumer markets slices through vacancies in the area to seemingly less than zero. Considering the e-commerce 3PL fulfillment and warehousing industry in Northern California is getting more expensive by the day, but warehouse networking services like Flowspace exist to specifically cater to this growing demographic of entrepreneurs.

Some Of What We Offer

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Why Choose Flowspace in San Leandro?

The warehousing and fulfillment logistics industry of Northern California remains out of reach for some smaller e-commerce businesses, especially those who work with seasonal products or import/export overseas to China and the Pacific region. In spite of the excessive rental costs, e-commerce businesses continue to overpay premium prices for the best location to access their shipping networks. In response to rising demand from e-commerce businesses, warehousing and logistics shipping companies are hard at work increasing the number of products they receive, store, repackage, process, and ship. Sadly, those service providers often charge costly inventory minimums and long-term leases that exclude many e-commerce businesses. 3PL and on-demand warehousing provider Flowspace makes e-commerce order fulfillment services a breeze, and 3PL warehousing for e-commerce businesses in the San Leandro area a piece of cake. Our e-commerce fulfillment services in San Leandro, California have been connected with a larger, ever-expanding network of warehousing and fulfillment centers and services in Northern California. Flowspace users can:

  • Efficiently respond to ever-changing consumer demands.
  • Offer services across Northern California and the Pacific.
  • Distribute inventory with calculated strategy.
  • Utilize Just in Time (JIT) delivery logistics and services to more than 15 million consumers in Northern California.

Month-to-month storage space without long-term commitments is almost unheard of in the warehousing and fulfillment service industry, but with Flowspace, you will receive that and more, including a completely free management system, pick and pack shipping options, cold storage options, and dozens of additional custom services.

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