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Ecommerce and retail fulfillment in Carson, CA – Including DTC, B2B, Amazon, & more.

Finding fulfillment services in Carson has never been easier. Whether you’re outgrowing your current setup or expecting a spike in sales, Flowspace’s platform gives you access to everything you need to make it happen – including fast customer support, flexible fulfillment, and a network that powers 2-day shipping, profitably.

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Flowspace Certified Warehousing

Flowspace inspects and approves each of our warehouses to ensure they meet security and quality standards. Our warehouses are staffed with workers who are available to receive your inventory, palletize your goods, and perform custom services like kitting or overlabeling.

Why Outsource eCommerce Fulfillment Services in Carson

The favored locations for an eCommerce fulfillment warehouse are adjacent to or within major population centers, and within close proximity to intermodal ports and transportation arteries. Last-Mile facilities, such as those in Carson enable faster delivery times. Competition for last-mile facilities is particularly active, because the faster an e-retailer can deliver its product, the faster it can turn its inventory, the more revenue it can make. E-retailers in Carson can also extend service to West region customers; deploy rabid distribution of same day orders and enable Just in Time (JIT) delivery to more than 24 million customers in Southern California. No matter the size of your customer base, Carson is the gateway to Los Angeles, Southern California and even the entire West Coast of the United States.


The South Bay region of Los Angeles is home to Carson and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, where the majority of freight from China is offloaded from container ships and loaded onto intermodal trains, and over-the-road trucks bound for the interior of the country.

Surrounding the eCommerce warehouse space for rent in Carson is a sophisticated infrastructure of rail yards, cross-docks, shipping hubs, and transportation depots, utilized in support of the staggering amount of freight processed by the Port of Los Angeles, and the Port of Long Beach.

Carson is only 17 miles from downtown Los Angeles; accessed by the SR91, and Interstates 110 and 405 - beneficial to e-retailers who offer last mile delivery, and just in time service.

Additionally, there are 13 intermodal hubs less than an hour’s drive from warehousing and fulfillment centers in Carson.

  • PM Terminal - San Pedro
  • BNSF - Commerce
  • BNSF - Los Angeles (Hobart)
  • BNSF - San Bernardino
  • ITS Terminal Long Beach
  • Pacific Container Terminal - PCT
  • Port of Hueneme
  • SSA Long Beach Pier A
  • TraPac
  • UP - City of Industry
  • UP - East Los Angeles
  • UP - ICTF
  • UP - LATC

Infrastructure & Space Availability

Carson is situated in the heart of the South Bay region, which refers to the area immediately surrounding the Port of Los Angeles. Carson boasts premium access to all of the South Bay’s logistics infrastructure.

Carson is a 15-minute drive from the Port of Los Angeles, which means drayage and transportation costs are significantly lower than elsewhere in the region.

Fortunately, thanks to its close proximity to the Port of LA, eCommerce fulfillment warehouse space for rent in the South Bay is generally more expensive than in Orange County, the Inland Empire, and Southern California.

Locations Near Carson


Gardena, California neighbors Carson, and boast many of the same benefits, including a sophisticated infrastructure of rail yards, cross-docks, eCommerce fulfillment services and 3PL warehouses.

Buena Park

Buena Park, California is only 20 miles from Los Angeles; accessed by California State Routes 39, 91, and the Santa Ana Freeway - enabling service to West region customers; rabid distribution of same day orders, and Just in Time Delivery to nearly 25 million customers in Southern California.

Why Choose Flowspace in Carson

Research shows e-retailers need three times the warehousing and fulfillment space than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. eCommerce fulfillment is a logistics real estate intensive activity.

eCommerce fulfillment requirements demand locations within and adjacent to major population centers. There’s no shortage of eCommerce fulfillment and 3PL warehousing operations in Southern California, which means e-retailers can take their pick from a long list of warehousing and fulfillment service providers.

Unfortunately, those service providers often require long term leases and costly inventory minimums. That’s bad news for e-retailers who rapidly turn inventory during peak seasons, and therefore only need inventory space for a short amount of time.

With over 10M square feet of warehouse space in Carson, California, Flowspace in Carson is the answer to costly long-term leases, inventory minimums and rent fluctuations.

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Never Any Long-Term Contracts

Never Any Long-Term Contracts

Flowspace is the premium on-demand warehousing service in Carson enabling ecommerce retailers to respond to demand without exerting the extra cost, time and effort of securing warehousing. With over 10 million square feet of warehouse space located in nearly every corner of the city Flowspace is the end-to-end logistics partner designed to fit your needs.

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