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To a retail store, or your customer's door

Whether you ship to a store, or directly to your customer's door, only Flowspace is your solution to help manage your e-commerce and retail fulfillment needs.

Our cloud-based fulfillment software seamlessly integrates with your online store, so as soon your customer places an order, we get to work. Flowspace enables you to fulfill your inventory anywhere, anyhow, to anyone.

Flowspace makes logistics and supply chain easy.

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How Fulfillment Services Work

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Fulfillment Warehouse Network

Our expansive network of fulfillment centers spread across the country means you can offer one and two-day shipping to more customers in more cities. Our warehouse companies will insure you get the best fulfillment services and fulfillment solution for your inventory.

Seamless Integrations

Whether you have just one store or sell on multiple channels, you can connect them to Flowspace. With just a few clicks, you'll seamlessly connect your online store with Flowspace. We are your omnichannel fulfillment partner with integrations to major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.

Inventory and Order Management

Take control and manage all your inventory. Track inbound and outbound shipments to and from your warehouses. See SKUs, descriptions, and manage your items with just a few clicks. Create order reports and have real-time visibility to manage your business operations. Inventory management has never been easier.

We Pick, Pack, and Ship Your Order

The second you receive an order, we get to work - making sure your shipment is picked, packed, and shipped to your exact specifications. If you have special shipping or packaging requirements, we can take care of that too. Flowspace offers best-in-class order fulfillment services to ensure your products get delivered to your customers, and we always aim to get the lowest shipping services and shipping costs for your e-commerce business.

Flowspace Certified Warehousing

Flowspace inspects and approves each of our warehouses to ensure they meet security and quality standards. Our warehouses are equipped to receive your inventory, palletize your goods, and perform custom services like kitting.

  • Pick, Pack, & Ship
  • Wholesale Carton Pick
  • Item Labeling
  • Container Unloading & Cross-Docking
  • Kitting Projects
  • Amazon FBM Prep
  • Order Fulfillment Services
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Shipping

Our Fulfillment Partners Are Special

The Right Location For You

The Flowspace Network connects hundreds of warehouses and fulfillment centers across the country. That means wherever you need your product, from California to Maine (or both!), we've got a place for you.

More Than Just "Storage"

Have a unique project you're working on? Whether it's a kitting project, subscription box assembly, or custom shipments, Flowspace goes beyond customer expectations and offers more than just storage.

Secured and Staffed Warehouses

We certify each of our warehouses and fulfillment partners, to ensure you can rest knowing your products are safe and secure in our functional spaces staffed by trained, professional, and experienced handlers.

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