A Guide to Inventory Tracking

tracking inventory

Inventory tracking is the heart of every sales operation, but what is inventory tracking, specifically? It’s the process used to track and manage the quantity of products as they move in and out of your warehouse, which allows you to forecast inventory needs and compare them against what’s currently in … Read More

What Is Dunnage?

Dunnage, packaging material

There’s manufacturing terminology that’s familiar to supply chain and warehouse personnel, but still semi-foreign to consumers and even some retailers. For example, the latter may ask, what is dunnage? In simplified terms, dunnage is the packing materials used to protect goods and fragile freight when shipped. There are multiple types … Read More

What Is a Shipping Label and How Does It Work?

Shipping labels on packages

Every package requires a shipping label, but what is a shipping label exactly and how does it work? Shipping labels are critical to inbound and outbound logistics. They are the identifiers of tracking information that ensure packages are shipped and delivered to the correct customer and location.  When they are … Read More

A Guide To Premium Shipping Options

Premium shipping Package Packaging Box Shipment Packet

Creating a premium customer experience is essential in the world of e-commerce. One of the most important factors in meeting customer satisfaction is shipping speed. Customers want items they’ve paid for to be delivered as soon as possible. To compete in the market, a business needs to have fast shipping … Read More

What is Supply Chain Analytics and How Does It Affect Your Logistics

Business person looking at supply chain analytics

Supply chain analytics is an essential element of supply chain management (SCM) that can help you gain insight into your logistics, and extract value from the large amounts of data associated with the procurement, processing and distribution of goods.  In other words, your supply chain data has a big impact … Read More

Supply Chain Planning for New Businesses: 5 Steps to Get Started


Starting a new business can be overwhelming, especially when you delve into the complexities of running a successful supply chain. Fortunately, this guide to supply chain planning has everything you need to create a winning supply chain plan for your new business.  What is Supply Chain Planning Supply chain planning … Read More

Physical Distribution: What Is It And Why Is It Important

Physical Distribution

Physical Distribution in supply chain management is how retailers make their products available to the consumer. It’s also the weakest link in the supply chain, and a major headache for distribution managers, warehouse coordinators, and customer service departments. Fortunately, this guide has everything you need to master physical distribution, and … Read More

Omnichannel Fulfillment: Why It’s No Longer Optional

omnichannel fulfillment

67 percent of brands say that an omnichannel strategy is either critical or important to their company. 53 percent of retailers say they plan to invest in technology to improve their omnichannel fulfillment services, and 9 out of 10 customers say they prefer the omnichannel experience.  These trends show that … Read More

Why You Should Outsource Supply Chain Management

outsourcing supply chain management

You have an e-commerce business and you’re expecting the business to grow. The key to success in this stage is a combination of supply chain optimization and effective supply chain management (SCM). You can achieve both when you outsource supply chain management to a 3PL. This article explains the risks … Read More