Fulfillment Shipping Costs Warehousing

Amazon FBA Alternatives

Before we discuss Amazon FBA alternatives, we need to understand more about Amazon’s FBA. Let’s face it, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) set the bar high for e-commerce businesses. Amazon’s advanced fulfillment network has the resources, technology, and capability to provide free, fast, flexible shipping to anywhere on the planet. Same day shipping is quickly becoming …

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Flowspace Automation in Fulfillment

Automation in Warehousing

From automated vehicles and picking operations to AI-guided WMS and inventory management, automation is quickly becoming a commonplace within the supply chain. At face value, automation is a great idea. Automation is literally intended to make life easier; defined as, “technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.” Time and …

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How Technology Drives Order Fulfillment

Until recently, the order fulfillment process has been over-burdened by inefficiencies that cost billions in wasted time, money, and manpower. Thankfully, as technology for order fulfillment advance, capabilities evolve, decision making becomes more efficient, and the customer experience improves. Progressive fulfillment providers understand this cycle of technological improvements and the value that it provides to …

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order picking
Fulfillment Warehousing

What are the Different Types of Order Picking?

What are the Different Types of Order Picking? When fulfillment operations are considered as a whole, it’s easy to see why shipping and warehousing receive most of the technical praise. Shipping is the face of every e-commerce delivery, and fulfillment warehouses are incredibly advanced structures capable of housing an astonishing amount of inventory. Behind the …

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