Amazon Fulfillment

FBA Prep Services & FBM at your fingertips

Get '2-Day Shipping' ready and boost your Amazon store by seamlessly integrating a powerful system that makes storage, fulfillment, and shipment a breeze.

Amazon FBA Prep Services

1. After we receive your shipment, we inspect your goods for quantity and condition. 

2. We’ll get to work. Print FNSKU labels from your inventory page and prep your items based on Amazon’s detailed requirements.

3. Once the prep work is done, we will access your Seller Central account and create your shipping plan. That’s right, we’ll take care of the Amazon Admin work

4. Your packages will be shipped out. You can track your inventory’s location in Seller Central under “Inventory” –> “Manage FBA Shipments”.

Amazon FBM

1. Good news! Your product was just sold on Amazon

2. The Flowspace platform automatically pulls in the order details and the fulfillment center gets picks, packs and ships your product

3. Tracking numbers are sent back to Amazon from Flowspace in real time. This ensures your orders are closed out promptly and protects your seller rating

4. Great news! Your product just arrived at the customers door.

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