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The only 3PL transportation solution that makes your life easier. With fast quoting, straight-forward prices, and a network of the most trusted carriers in the country, we can align your shipment with the best carrier for your goods for a fraction of what you pay now.

  • Trusted Carriers Across the Country
  • Manage Transportation with Every Load
  • Verified and Professional Drivers at Every Turn
  • Freight, Rail, Parcels, and Packages
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What Makes Flowspace Better?

The Flowspace network of warehouses provides your business with a robust geographic footprint and the ability to offer one and two-day shipping to every consumer market in the United States.

More Than Just Moving

Moving? No problem. The transportation specialists at Flowspace will handle all of your transportation needs. We even offer white-glove service for moving projects and special deliveries.

The Best in The Business

Whether you are shipping business to business, direct to consumer, to a 3PL or FBA, our transportation specialists will find a solution that meets your needs, every time, regardless of your freight or its destination. We're the best because we believe no shipment is too far or too challenging to complete.

We Take Extra Special Care

It doesn't matter how fast you can deliver a shipment if the shipment is damaged when it gets there. That's why we take special care to transport your load with integrity and professionalism. We care for your business and will, therefore, care for your freight as if it were our own.

All Kinds of Shipping Solutions

Time is of the Essence

One and two-day shipping are now the industry standard, but our focus has always been delivering your freight faster than the competition. That's why we offer convenient transportation lanes and expedited shipping, as well as just-in-time delivery to every consumer market in the U.S.

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