Shopify Plus Fulfillment

Get '2-Day Shipping' ready and boost your Shopify store by seamlessly integrating a robust system that makes storage, fulfillment, and shipment a breeze.

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Integrate Shopify Plus with Flowspace

Quickly and Easily integrate Flowspace with your Shopify Plus store by following our onscreen instructions in less than 5 minutes!

Move Your Products

We'll set up with the best fulfillment center for you based on your needs and requirements and will recommend the best facility based on your order history. We can even take care of the transportation to move your products into its new home.

Make Happy Customers

When your Shopify Plus store receives an order, Flowspace gets to work and will pick, pack, and ship your product. You can track every move we make along the way, and make your customers happy.

Accelerate Your Growth

2-Day Shipping

Store your product at strategically chosen facilities around the country so you can offer your customers 2-Day shipping, profitably.

Data-Driven Insights

Access insights that help you optimize your entire supply chain. From shifting consumer demands to SKU level insights.

Build your Brand

You're in complete control. From ordering to unboxing, put a smile on your customer's face and not just the box.

Real-Time Inventory

Flowspace gives you access to real-time inventory levels at all your fulfillment centers, making replenishments as easy as clicking a button.

Subscription Boxes

For all those special projects, Flowspace's warehouses are certified for subscription and continuity to make your kitting custom packing simple.

Gift Messaging

Add the customer note option in Shopify, and our fulfillment center will include the message as a part of the packing slip.

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