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According to recent reports conducted by commercial real estate firm JLL, the city of Dallas now leads every U.S. market in warehousing presence. Therefore, Dallas is also one of the best locations for e-retailers to establish a presence.

The link between industrial real estate and population growth has been studied in depth, and Dallas is a leader in attracting consumers, and the 3PL’s who ship, store and distribute to them.

Why Outsource eCommerce Fulfillment in Dallas

If you want to discover why you should outsource eCommerce fulfillment to Dallas, all you need do is look at a map. Dallas’ prime location makes it perfect for transport-reliant industries like eCommerce fulfillment. The Dallas/Fort Worth region is also a crucial nexus for travel and transport in the United States. With unparalleled access to consumer markets, more than 2.8 billion tonnes of freight transits through the city each year. Additionally, its location is less than a day's drive from the port of Houston which makes Dallas a gateway for Asia-Pacific trade, as well as transcontinental trade with Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

Consumer Market Access and Transportation Infrastructure

Dallas presents an excellent opportunity for eCommerce fulfillment and warehousing, supported by its strong existing transcontinental rail and intermodal rail connectivity, port proximity, and immediate access to critical highway corridors and major population centers in the Sun Belt, and the rest of the country. More than 90% of U.S. consumer markets can be reached within three days or less from Dallas, with 80 of those markets with in overnight access. Dallas is home to more warehousing, fulfillment, and 3PL service centers than anywhere in Texas, and serves as a vital inland port for more than $3 trillion of freight flow transiting the state or inbound from the port of Houston. Dallas is also the conduit for more than $17 billion in daily cross border trade with Mexico. In fact, the sheer volume of freight transiting by truck between Mexico and the United States leaves few transportation alternatives to Dallas. Simply put, the geographic location of Dallas makes it the ideal location for an inland logistics hub. That’s why so many 3PL’s, transportation companies, fulfillment centers, and warehouses have chosen to establish themselves in Dallas.

Industrial Real Estate Market

Demand for warehouse and distribution space is growing faster in high-cost port cities and major inland hubs. As one of the country’s largest population centers, Dallas has some of the largest projected growth opportunities for new investing. Inland ports like Dallas are experiencing extremely high demand for industrial development, thanks to the convergence of traditional import distribution and last-mile eCommerce fulfillment. Rapid growth in eCommerce sales translate into a requirement for last-mile delivery facilities closer to consumer market populations, in large port cities, and inland rail transportation hubs. Multi-million-square-foot logistics hubs, shipping facilities and warehouses continue to pop up across the southern and western portions of the Dallas Fort Worth area, driven primarily by large corporate relocations to the area. According to CBRE, 2.3 million square feet was added to the Dallas industrial real estate market in the first quarter of 2018. Growth in logistics and online retail is projected to strengthen the local economy. Net absorption remained positive for the seventh consecutive year. Vacancy rates are low and rents are steadily increasing, but a shortage of warehouse workers and truck drivers is pushing costs higher than in some secondary inland population centers like Chicago or St. Louis.

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San Antonio's warehousing and distribution supply grew by over 200,000 sq ft in 2018. San Antonio is located just 237 miles south of Dallas.

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Hundreds of thousands of square feet of warehouse space in Austin, Texas. Austin is located 195 miles from Dallas.


What Do 3PL & Warehousing Services Cost in Dallas

Though demand for industrial warehousing space is at record highs in Dallas, the city still remains one of the cheapest areas to establish eCommerce fulfillment operations. In fact, industry reports indicate that Dallas offers the the lowest distribution center costs of any of the 24 largest U.S. metro areas. Dallas has the 2nd lowest price per square foot of all major metro cities and no corporate income taxes. Furthermore, many of the newly constructed facilities in Dallas are designed for high-volume, direct-to-consumer fulfillment for e-retailers. There are few shortcomings to establishing your warehousing and fulfillment operations in Dallas, that is unless you're an e-retailer with a small inventory and little need for a sprawling warehouse. Like most inland port cities, there is a market gap in Dallas, wherein e-retailers are bogged down by long-term contracts and paying for excess warehousing space. Thankfully, on-demand warehousing enables businesses to scale back and avoid paying for excess warehousing and getting bogged down by long-term contracts. In this way, on-demand warehousing services, such as Flowspace, can drastically reduce excess warehousing and distribution costs.

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