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There are a variety of reasons why an e-retailer should choose to locate their warehouse in Salt Lake City, but it only takes one look at a map to reveal the most obvious reason. It doesn't matter if it’s moving East or West in this country, if freight has to cross the Rockies, there’s a good chance it will pass through Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City provides access to well over a million people in the city itself, and highway access to Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

In fact, according to commercial real estate reports, Salt Lake City ranks 2nd in the west, and 9th nationally for access to transportation. Beyond its strategic location, Salt Lake City’s low utility costs and competitive lease rates have spurred industrial growth. That’s why Salt Lake City is now home to one of the largest industrial submarkets in Utah, with over 72 million sq. ft. of industrial space. For e-retailers focused on serving the West Coast, a warehouse in Salt Lake City is a must.

Why Outsource eCommerce Fulfillment in Salt Lake City?

Retailers should outsource eCommerce fulfillment in Salt Lake City for three reasons; access, space availability, and transportation infrastructure.

Consumer Market Access and Transportation Infrastructure

Geographically speaking, the best locations for eCommerce fulfillment are within the shortest distance to customers in major population centers. SLC presents a cohesive opportunity for warehousing, supported by its strong existing transcontinental rail and intermodal rail connectivity, and immediate access to an important east-west interstate highway corridor, providing access to both East and West Coast population centers. Analysis of commodity flows shows existing clusters of freight-intensive industries in Salt Lake City, which supports the establishment of a formal warehouse in the area. Salt Lake City’s northwest quadrant is an existing regional supply chain hub, known as an inland port. An inland port is a logistics market that is located at a non-maritime inland location, typically planned around rail intermodal facilities. In addition to the airport and intermodal terminal, this area is also accessible to several potential markets within hours-of-service limitations for truck drivers.

Industrial Real Estate Market

Its potential is due to the scale of undeveloped land situated adjacent to the city's important transcontinental freight transport infrastructure. Most industrial growth has been predominantly big-box distribution and warehousing concentrated on the SLC’s west side, along I-80 and California Avenue. Comprised of roughly 140 square-miles, the Northwest quadrant submarket, accounts for roughly 70% of Salt Lake County’s industrial inventory, and remains the epicenter of the county’s industrial activity. The Northwest Quadrant also accounts for over 90% of the county’s leasing activity in recent years, and approximately 75% of the square footage sold. Adjoining the Northwest quadrant is the Central West quadrant, which is the county’s second most active submarket, accounting for 13% of inventory, and 3% of the year’s leasing activity. As of Q1 2018, the overall average lease rate was $0.40 per sq. ft., slightly lower than pre-recession due to increased availability of larger, more economical product. Lease rates are expected to climb as availability negates supply constraints that could compromise the favorable cost of doing business in Salt Lake City.

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What Do 3PL & Warehousing Services Cost in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake County saw over 2.2 msf sold during 2018. Owner-user properties sold for $76.89 per square foot (psf) with warehouse space accounting for 56% of sales volume. Generally speaking, however, the cost of warehousing space, and 3PL services in Salt Lake City is cheaper than cities like New York and Los Angeles. However, like most cities across the U.S., Salt Lake lacks a viable solution for eCommerce retailers in need of short-term storage, as the majority of warehouses and third-party logistics providers in Salt Lake City only lease inventory space in large sections, priced by the square foot.

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The answer to the dilemma created by the warehousing market in Salt Lake City is on-demand warehousing. On-Demand warehousing enables businesses to scale back and avoid paying for excess warehousing and getting bogged down by long-term contracts. In this way, on-demand warehousing services, such as Flowspace, can drastically reduce excess warehousing and distribution costs. Flowspace is the premium on-demand warehousing service in Salt Lake City enabling eCommerce retailers to respond to demand without exerting the extra cost, time and effort of securing warehousing. With over 10 million square feet of warehouse space located in nearly every corner of the city Flowspace is the end-to-end warehouse storage designed to fit your needs. With Flowspace everything is taken care of, all that is left for you to decide is which one of our spectacular, and affordable Salt Lake City locations you wish to utilize for your business.

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