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Find out how brands used Flowspace to scale fulfillment, grow orders, and reduce shipping costs.

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Flowspace helped Lifeaid optimize their fulfillment network

“The Flowspace network has enabled us to get orders to our customers around the country quickly and affordably. We’re so glad to be working with Flowspace.”

Mike Gilberg, Logistics Manager, Lifeaid

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Flowspace helped NUGGS manage a 460% increase in monthly orders

"The team has been responsive to our needs and helped us to optimize performance as we've grown. We’ve formed a great partnership where we can seamlessly scale as customer demand increases." 

 Sam Terris, COO at NUGGS

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Flowspace Automated Shopify Kit Fulfillment to Grow Orders by 240% 

“They helped turn our detail packing requirements into easy to understand packing directives for our warehouse partner.”

Erica Wenger, Teammate at Madefor

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$400k Saved in Freight Costs by Adding a Flowspace Warehouse 

"Adding a Flowspace warehouse gave us the flexibility to handle more orders and give customers new shipping options. We were able to deliver our products faster while lowering our freight and parcel costs.” 

Juan Perdomo, Director of Operations at Crossrope

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Rukket Sports was able to expand their DTC sales channel and increased DTC fulfillment capacity by 255%

"Switching to Flowspace was a quick transition that completely changed our supply chain. They're fast, efficient, and helpful. We've improved our margins and get orders out even faster."

Christopher Saturno, Operations Manager

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Brio implemented omnichannel fulfillment, consolidating its multiple storefronts using the Flowspace unified platform.

“The Flowspace platform is user friendly, and we are able to control and update so much within it. I’ve never been so happy with a fulfillment center before.” – Torrie May, Director of Operations, Brio Product Group

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