Customer Benefits

Save time and money with our full-service warehousing solution

Clear and Consistent Pricing

If you've ever had to negotiate a standard warehousing rate card, you know what a headache it is. The list of fees is so long that it is difficult to know what you will be paying every month. Flowspace provides simple and clear rates for storage and pallet handling. Additional custom services are available and billed per service.

No Minimums

Typical warehouses require you to commit to an amount of space even if you aren’t using it; most providers won’t serve those with less than 50 pallets without paying a big monthly service fee. Flowspace has options for every business size, so you pay for what you use.

Month to Month Flexibility

Flowspace offers full-service warehousing on a monthly basis with no long-term contracts. No hidden fees and no details hidden in the fine print, you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

Storage with Service

Flowspace warehouses are staffed with warehouse professionals who are available to receive your inventory, palletize your goods, or perform custom services like kitting or overlabeling. If your inventory requires another custom service, we can accommodate your request.

Order Picking (ecommerce and carton picking)

Unloading floor loaded containers

Item labelling


Kitting projects

Not on this list? Call us for a quote.

Software without the Integration

Working with a warehouse means integrating with their existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution. If you have a development team, it could mean months of technical integrations to connect it to your internal system. If you don't, it probably means emailing Excel files. Flowspace offers a free inventory system with a modern, user-friendly interface that makes managing the flow of your goods as easy as a single click.

Same Day Delivery

If your goods need to be shipped out of the warehouse, use Flowspace to request a transfer of your goods. Just select if you would like us to accommodate transport or if you will be using your own, and we can normally get your inventory out and delivered on the same day.

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