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Streamline Your Supply Chain

In a market like e-commerce, you have to capitalize on every advantage. One way to sharpen your competitive edge is with Flowspace’s cross-docking service.

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Faster Product Flow

The speed of delivery is the key ingredient to a successful e-commerce supply chain. Flowspace cross-dock services deliver speed and efficiency by consolidating inventory and shipping directly to the final customer.

That’s the kind of speed and optimization that enables faster inventory turn around and makes expedited and same-day delivery possible.

Minimize Storage Costs

Unlike a fulfillment center or warehouse, Flowspace cross docks minimize the cost labor, material handling, and storage in three easy steps:

  • Your supplier ships a full shipment of inventory to our cross-dock.
  • We receive, sort, and transfer your customer orders to the appropriate outbound truck.
  • We make the final delivery.

The total time your inventory spends in storage? Less than 24 hours. This allows you to reduce the amount of handling your products experience, thus minimizing the risk of damage to your products.

Scale With Your Business

Just like our On-Demand warehousing model, Flowspace cross docks scale with your business. There are no lengthy lease agreements or pricey space minimums. You only pay for the service you need.

Lower Reliance on Warehousing

We recognize that warehousing isn’t the best choice for every distribution model. With Flowspace Cross-docking services, you can remove long-term warehousing from your supply-chain and minimize the cost of unloading, storage, retrieval, and reloading.

Improve Inventory Management

Flowspace cross-docking services not only minimize the amount of handling your products experience, but they also reduce overstocking by reducing the need to carry standing inventory. The reduction of standing inventory means you have more space for areas your business needs the most.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Flowspace cross-docking services increase the speed of delivery, which means your customers receive their shipments faster. There are no storage or handling fees, which means you can offer lower prices and provide your customers with a more satisfying experience.

Minimize Risk

The Flowspace network of cross docks has reliability built-in. We care about your inventory, your bottom line, and your business. We certify every warehouse for safety, security, and handling expertise.

Flowspace Certified Cross Dock

Flowspace cross-docking streamlines many processes within the supply chain, thus reducing the number of human interactions that need to take place. Every time a human touches a shipment, they increase the risk that an error may occur.

The inbound truck docks at the cross-dock, then freight is removed, screened, and transferred to the outbound truck via forklift, conveyor belt, or automated warehousing system for final delivery to the customer.

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