E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-Commerce Fulfillment 201: Planning Your Fulfillment Strategy

E-Commerce is an extremely competitive  business. To succeed you need ambition, ingenuity, and the willingness to learn. That last bit is important, because without the willingness to learn, you have a diminished chance of understanding this industry well enough to survive it. Fortunately, this installment of the E-Commerce Fulfillment Learning Series by Flowspace has everything you …

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Shipping Costs

Where to Position Your E-Commerce Fulfillment Shipping Locations

E-Commerce is an industry driven by speed, efficiency, and convenience. If e-Commerce is how you make your living, then everything depends on the cost of storing, filling and transporting your inventory, and how fast you can deliver it to your customers. Where to Position Your e-Commerce Fulfillment Shipping Locations Product sourcing and efficient shipment delivery …

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