A Path to Loyalty: How Reliable Fulfillment Drives Customer Loyalty


Prior to the events of COVID-19, e-commerce was a convenience for consumers and revenue stream for retailers. Now, e-commerce is an essential lifeline for customers and retailers alike. In a world of stay-at-home orders and social-distancing rules, you’re likely never going to meet your customer. You have to rely on … Read More

Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own E-Commerce Business


Starting an e-commerce business isn’t easy. It requires hard work, dedication, and a comprehensive blueprint to navigate the complex world of E-Commerce, marketing, business development, and supply chain. We created a step by step guide to help you start your own e-commerce business. Step One: Learn the Basics of E-Commerce … Read More

How E-Commerce Brands Are Helping Fight the Coronavirus


As a member of the e-commerce community and a part of the global supply chain, we at Flowspace feel it is our duty to bring you up to date information on the Coronavirus; its effects on impacted communities and what is being done to help those in need. There are … Read More

Navigating Uncertainties and Strengthening Your Supply Chain


As the coronavirus spreads globally and the various quarantines bring the economy to a grinding halt, most businesses are in crisis management, assessing the damage and trying to pick up the pieces of our frighteningly fragile supply chain. Though there are some signs that exports from China are on their … Read More

The Time to Switch From FBA to FBM with Flowspace is Now: Part II


In “The Time to Switch From FBA to FBM with Flowspace is Now: Part I”, we discussed Amazon’s recent decision to suspend all shipments of “nonessential” products to its warehouses. We also recognized the desperate situation FBA sellers may face in the coming months if the situation doesn’t change. In … Read More

The Time to Switch From FBA to FBM with Flowspace is Now: Part I


Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Amazon recently announced that it will be suspending shipments of all nonessential products to its warehouses and prioritizing medical supplies, household staples and other high-demand products to its warehouses until April 5. That’s good news for the medical professionals who desperately need those products but … Read More

How the Coronavirus is Disrupting the Supply Chain Industry


As the world struggles to contain the outbreak of Coronavirus, those in the supply chain industry are struggling to manage the epidemic’s rapidly growing impact on their corner of the market. Unfortunately, reports on the extent of the current pandemic are increasingly grim. In this article we’ll explain the ways … Read More

Seven Best Practices for Your E-Commerce Business


E-commerce makes life easy for the consumer. Simply click a button on the computer and POOF… a package magically appears at the door.  Behind the apparent magic of e-commerce is a veritable army of men and women working tirelessly to sate the nation’s online shopping addiction. It’s never been more … Read More

What is Last Mile Logistics?


Picture this scenario – you’re shopping the online store of your favorite retailer when you see a shiny new product that you just have to have. You buy it without a moment’s hesitation and you even fork over the extra cash for same day delivery. That evening, you sit in … Read More