How to Create Your Optimal Fulfillment Network

E-commerce customers in an increasingly connected world want their purchases at their front doors faster than ever. As the speed of e-commerce continues to increase, so do customer expectations for a fast, hassle-free delivery experience. Brands need multiple, distributed fulfillment locations in order to enable the 2-day shipping (or faster) … Read More

Supply Chain Planning for Brands

As shopping continues to shift to online channels, brands can no longer rely on in-store experiences and activations to shape the customer experience. In e-commerce, the customer experience is the delivery experience, and brands need to ensure they get it right to maintain consumer satisfaction and loyalty. World-class supply chains … Read More

Omnichannel Fulfillment for E-commerce

After COVID-19 disrupted the global supply chain, legacy brands and entrepreneurs alike were forced to ask the question: how do you future-proof logistics and fulfillment against the unknown? The answer is that digital transformation – while accelerated over the past year – is a concept still evolving and taking on … Read More

Big Data in Logistics and Supply Chain

Smart business decisions are made by using data. Big data in logistics and supply chain management relies on real-time information, often from several different sources, to maintain an accurate inventory count, track shipments, and process returns, in addition to other important business activities.  When an e-commerce business is in its … Read More

Scale Your Storage Strategy for Optimum Fulfillment

As the pace of e-commerce continues to quicken, the smartest brands are thinking now about how to prepare their supply chain and operations for sustained growth. While it’s true that more than 50% of organizations have not yet actively started to build a roadmap for supply chain digital transformation – … Read More

How to Scale Fulfillment for FBA Brands

E-commerce sales initially spurred by the pandemic show no signs of slowing down, projected to continue to grow by double digits, up 17.9% in 2021 to $933.30 billion. All that money isn’t just flowing into major retailers, though. Sales on marketplace sites, like those operated by Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and … Read More

Back to School is Bigger Than Ever – Are You Ready?

Back to school season is back again, and earlier than ever. After a year of supply chain challenges, half of shoppers are concerned about stockouts and planning to shop earlier, per Deloitte, and their pandemic-influenced shopping habits are here to stay. 39% of the $32.5 billion expected in BTS spending … Read More

FBA Prep with Flowspace

Merchants using Fulfillment by Amazon can reduce unforeseen costs and delays with FBA Prep services from Flowspace. Certain products need additional prep before they can be packaged and shipped – fragile items, liquids, powders, sharps, even small items must be bagged, labeled and/or otherwise prepared for shipment.  FBA fees do … Read More

Does Amazon Pay for Shipping?

business owner wondering if amazon fba pays for shipping

The Amazon marketplace is an important channel for many brands that also rely on Amazon’s fulfillment service, FBA. While the service is mostly straightforward, the associated costs, fees and expenses are more difficult to understand. When using Amazon FBA, who pays for shipping, at what price? When using FBA, shipping … Read More

The Simplest Way to Reduce Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are generally one of the most expensive items on a brand’s balance sheet – often second only to the cost of the products themselves. In fact, for every $100 spent online, brands spend $20 on fulfillment and logistics to get the product to the end customer.  While there … Read More