The Ultimate Guide to FDA Registered Warehouses for E-Commerce


FDA registered warehouses and logistics for e-commerce brands may be hard to say in one breath, but they’re also necessary if you aim to sell goods directly to consumers in the United States legally. Fortunately, this Ultimate Guide to FDA Registered Warehouses for E-Commerce has everything you need to know … Read More

What is a SKU and How are They Used in Retail


It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran retailer or just now preparing to launch your eCommerce store, you need a reliable way to track your inventory. That’s where SKU numbers come in to play. But what are SKU numbers, and why are they so important? This article has everything you need … Read More

What is Supply and Demand Balancing


One of the largest (and oldest) challenges facing any retailer is the difficulty of effectively balancing supply with demand. Though it may be hard to find, there is a balance that satisfies the need to both sell as much as possible without incurring the costs of excess stock. In this guide … Read More

How to Implement Demand Forecasting to Your Supply Chain


Demand forecasting is an essential component of any supply chain strategy because, without it, you’d have no way to estimate how to purchase material to meet customer demand. In this guide to demand forecasting, you’ll learn how to forecast demand and the best practices for demand planning in the supply … Read More

Benefits Of Automated Shipping And How It Works


Whether you’re a customer or a retailer, shipping is the most complicated and expensive component of any eCommerce transaction. It takes time, money, and labor to pick an item off a shelf, package it up, and ship it out via the most efficient, cost-effective method possible. In this guide to … Read More

What Does It Really Mean When Your Order Is Shipped?


How do I track my package? Why is my package taking so long to deliver? What does order confirmed mean? Is dispatched the same as shipped? As a retailer, you probably run into a lot of customers with questions like these. Fortunately, this guide to shipping statuses and last-mile delivery … Read More

Managing Inventory Across Multiple Locations


It doesn’t matter if your operation is going global or you just need the extra storage space, at some point you’re going to run into issues with multi-location inventory management. But growth is a good thing and success brings challenges in itself.  This article has everything you need to rise … Read More

Managing Inventory Carrying Costs

Inventory Carrying Costs

Inventory carrying costs is the expense of holding inventory in stock. It’s also how merchants determine how much profit they can make off their current inventory, which means you definitely want to get it right.  Fortunately, this article has everything you need to calculate, manage and reduce inventory costs so … Read More

How to Evaluate Your Fulfillment Partner

Flowspace fulfillment partner

If you’re wondering how to evaluate your current fulfillment partner, then let us be the first to congratulate you on your success. It isn’t easy growing an e-commerce business to the coveted point where your fulfillment operations are now too small for the size and scale of your business.   In … Read More

How to Expand to New Distribution Channels


You have the product and now it’s time to sell it. You have to get it to the customer, but there’s only one problem, your customers are not only spread across the country, but they buy on different online marketplaces. Fortunately, there are ways to sell on multiple platforms; expand to … Read More