Top Cities For eCommerce Fulfillment

Top Cities for eCommerce Fulfillment Consumers have high expectations, and now more than ever do those expectations dictate the operations of eCommerce retailers. From what they want, to where and when they want it, the consumer determines the parameters in which every eCommerce retailer must operate to stay in business. … Read More

What are the Different Types of Warehouse Order Picking?

order picking

When order fulfillment operations are considered as a whole, it’s easy to see why shipping and warehousing receive most of the technical praise. The e-commerce industry relies heavily on how the order picking methods are done when their inventory is being fulfilled. Shipping is the face of every e-commerce delivery, … Read More

Where to Position Your E-Commerce Fulfillment Shipping Locations


E-Commerce is an industry driven by speed, efficiency, and convenience. If e-Commerce is how you make your living, then everything depends on the cost of storing, filling and transporting your inventory, and how fast you can deliver it to your customers. Where to Position Your e-Commerce Fulfillment Shipping Locations Product … Read More

How Retailers Prepare For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of cheer, presents, and tasty food for consumers across the country. However, for the retailers charged with keeping store shelves stocked with inventory, the holiday season is a frenzied scramble to forecast, service, and adapt. How Do Retailers Prepare For The Holiday Season If you’re … Read More

What Are The Top Warehousing Locations in NY & NJ?

Nowadays it seems that the only thing more expensive than shipping costs is the cost of warehousing, and in no place is the need for cost-efficient warehousing more critical than in New York and New Jersey. With over 1000 warehouses in our network, finding affordable warehouse locations in NY and … Read More

Top Locations For Bay Area Warehouses

The San Francisco Bay Area is the second largest port area in California, which puts it in league with some of the busiest ports in the world.The Bay Area is centrally located on the west coast, conveniently nestled between Los Angeles in the South, and Seattle to the North. Thus, … Read More

Fulfillment Center vs. Warehouse: What Are The Differences?

The terms “warehouse” and “fulfillment center” are often used interchangeably. The buildings share similar functions, and physical differences between the two are slight. However; they are not the same. Each facility differs drastically concerning utilization and the goals of their operations and fulfillment services. What is a Warehouse? A warehouse … Read More

Top Warehousing Locations in Los Angeles


Before we discuss the top warehousing locations in Los Angeles, we need to understand how big California is for warehousing. California’s economy is the 5th largest in the world. Nearly 40% of all imported freight into the United States funnels through California, and nearly half of that product is consumed … Read More

What is a Liftgate and How Does it Work?


If you are asking about liftgates, then odds are you are expecting a delivery that requires one. There is no need to worry. They are simple in function, easy to use, and not as rare of service as you might think. What is a Liftgate It is a piece of … Read More

Choosing The Right Third-Party Logistics Provider

third-party logistics provider

There are a lot of third-party logistics providers out there offering a litany of different services. Those in the know will tell you that not all third-party logistics providers are created equal. Choosing a third-party logistics provider (3PL) can be one of the best decisions a supply chain can make. … Read More