Top Locations For Bay Area Warehouses

The San Francisco Bay Area is the second largest port area in California, which puts it in league with some of the busiest ports in the world.The Bay Area is centrally located on the west coast, conveniently nestled between Los Angeles in the South, and Seattle to the North. Thus, … Read More

Fulfillment Center vs. Warehouse: What Are The Differences?

The terms “warehouse” and “fulfillment center” are often used interchangeably. The buildings share similar functions, and physical differences between the two are slight. However; they are not the same. Each facility differs drastically concerning utilization and the goals of their operations and fulfillment services. What is a Warehouse? A warehouse … Read More

Top Warehousing Locations in Los Angeles


Before we discuss the top warehousing locations in Los Angeles, we need to understand how big California is for warehousing. California’s economy is the 5th largest in the world. Nearly 40% of all imported freight into the United States funnels through California, and nearly half of that product is consumed … Read More

What is a Liftgate and How Does it Work?


If you are asking about liftgates, then odds are you are expecting a delivery that requires one. There is no need to worry. They are simple in function, easy to use, and not as rare of service as you might think. What is a Liftgate It is a piece of … Read More

Choosing The Right Third-Party Logistics Provider

third-party logistics provider

There are a lot of third-party logistics providers out there offering a litany of different services. Those in the know will tell you that not all third-party logistics providers are created equal. Choosing a third-party logistics provider (3PL) can be one of the best decisions a supply chain can make. … Read More

E-Commerce and On-Demand Warehousing

E-commerce and online marketplaces have entirely upended the way people shop and receive the goods they purchase. In terms of customer expectations, e-commerce creates significant challenges when compared to a brick and mortar retail location. Prior to the days of e-commerce, a retail distribution network could get by on a … Read More

What is On-Demand Warehousing?


On-demand warehousing, as provided by Flowspace, is an online marketplace that allows customers to access shared warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics services on a pay-per-use basis. By matching owners of excess warehouse space with users (generally e-commerce companies, retailers, or shippers), Flowspace boosts the utilization of its warehouse partners’ facilities while allowing end-users … Read More

The Problem Operations Managers Don’t Talk About

The metric most important to Operations Managers is per unit cost.  This is the cost for the company to pick and pack one unit destined to an end customer.  For instance, when you order a t-shirt from a website, this cost represents the amount the company pays to grab it … Read More

What is a 3PL?

A 3PL, also known as a third party logistics provider, is a company that will manage your transportation spend, provide warehouse space, and fulfill customer orders on your behalf.  This is a broad category, but to keep things simple we will focus on the warehousing and fulfillment component of a … Read More

5 Surprises When Starting Your Own Warehouse

empty warehouse

You’ve signed the lease, but your work has just begun.  Here is a list of some of the surprising (and critical) things you need to think about when launching a new warehouse: Hiring a team.  Will you need a dedicated Operations Manager or will you oversee the fulfillment yourself?  This … Read More