7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Order Fulfillment Center


It doesn’t matter if you fill orders in your living room or in a 10,000 sq ft warehouse, at some point your e-commerce brand will outgrow your current order fulfillment center. But recognizing when you’ve outgrown your e-commerce order fulfillment provider is easier said than done. This article will help … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to FDA Registered Warehouses for E-Commerce


FDA registered warehouses and logistics for e-commerce brands may be hard to say in one breath, but they’re also necessary if you aim to sell goods directly to consumers in the United States legally. Fortunately, this Ultimate Guide to FDA Registered Warehouses for E-Commerce has everything you need to know … Read More

Managing Inventory Across Multiple Locations


It doesn’t matter if your operation is going global or you just need the extra storage space, at some point you’re going to run into issues with multi-location inventory management. But growth is a good thing and success brings challenges in itself.  This article has everything you need to rise … Read More

Managing Inventory Carrying Costs

Inventory Carrying Costs

Inventory carrying costs is the expense of holding inventory in stock. It’s also how merchants determine how much profit they can make off their current inventory, which means you definitely want to get it right.  Fortunately, this article has everything you need to calculate, manage and reduce inventory costs so … Read More

How E-Commerce Brands Are Helping Fight the Coronavirus


As a member of the e-commerce community and a part of the global supply chain, we at Flowspace feel it is our duty to bring you up to date information on the Coronavirus; its effects on impacted communities and what is being done to help those in need. There are … Read More

The Time to Switch From FBA to FBM with Flowspace is Now: Part II


In “The Time to Switch From FBA to FBM with Flowspace is Now: Part I”, we discussed Amazon’s recent decision to suspend all shipments of “nonessential” products to its warehouses. We also recognized the desperate situation FBA sellers may face in the coming months if the situation doesn’t change. In … Read More

The Time to Switch From FBA to FBM with Flowspace is Now: Part I


Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Amazon recently announced that it will be suspending shipments of all nonessential products to its warehouses and prioritizing medical supplies, household staples and other high-demand products to its warehouses until April 5. That’s good news for the medical professionals who desperately need those products but … Read More

Seven Best Practices for Your E-Commerce Business


E-commerce makes life easy for the consumer. Simply click a button on the computer and POOF… a package magically appears at the door.  Behind the apparent magic of e-commerce is a veritable army of men and women working tirelessly to sate the nation’s online shopping addiction. It’s never been more … Read More

Four New Year’s Resolutions for E-Commerce Businesses


It’s that time of year again where we tighten our belts and commit ourselves to improving our lives in the coming year. How you go about improving your situation depends entirely on who you are now and who you want to be in the new year. If you own an … Read More