How to Prepare for Chinese New Year 2021

Flowspace Chinese New Year 2021

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is often overlooked in the United States, but if your business relies on Chinese shipping and manufacturing, you need to prepare for the upcoming shutdown in China to avoid delays that could be catastrophic to your businesses. Fortunately, this article on the How to Prepare … Read More

What is EDI? A Guide to Understanding Electronic Data Interchange

The retail sector has enjoyed the benefits of EDI for decades. Yet, many brands still use some form of paper-based process for ordering, invoicing, and dispatching. This article has everything you need to upgrade your operation with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology.  What is Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange … Read More

Order Fulfillment Vs Supply Chain: What Is The Difference?

fulfillment services vs supply chain

If you do not work in logistics then terms like Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain may seem like the same thing. In actuality they are different terms that denote two entirely different functions of the logistics process. What’s the Difference Between Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain The term supply chain … Read More

How to Improve Food Safety Supply Chain Management

Food Supply Chain

The global food supply chain is tremendous, complex, and heavily regulated. To manage food safety risks effectively, supply chain managers need to understand the challenges they face and the solutions available. From regulatory compliance to managing food safety risks, and avoiding food security fraud, this guide has the information you … Read More

Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Supply Chain Optimization


Supply Chain Optimization (SCM) is an operations strategy that enables an organization to maximize the profitability of their supply chain and improve customer satisfaction. This guide has everything you need to optimize your supply chain and improve your business processes and profitability. What is Supply Chain Optimization The term “Supply … Read More

Lean Supply Chain Management Guide: How to Reduce Lead Times


A lean supply chain is simply a well-designed supply chain that delivers products quickly and efficiently at minimal cost. In that regard, every supply chain should be as lean as possible. In this lean supply chain management guide, you’ll find tips on how to reduce lead times and make your … Read More

What is Supply and Demand Balancing


One of the largest (and oldest) challenges facing any retailer is the difficulty of effectively balancing supply with demand. Though it may be hard to find, there is a balance that satisfies the need to both sell as much as possible without incurring the costs of excess stock. In this guide … Read More

How to Implement Demand Forecasting to Your Supply Chain


Demand forecasting is an essential component of any supply chain strategy because, without it, you’d have no way to estimate how to purchase material to meet customer demand. In this guide to demand forecasting, you’ll learn how to forecast demand and the best practices for demand planning in the supply … Read More

How to Scale Growth: Overcoming Supply Chain Complexities


Your e-commerce business is growing, congratulations! It’s no small feat to grow a successful business these days and you should be proud of your success. We’d tell you to take a vacation to celebrate but that is the last thing you should do. With e-commerce growth comes new supply chain complexities … Read More