What is a Floor Loaded Container?


A floor loaded container is a shipping container stacked with freight that has been loaded from the floor up without utilizing a shipping pallet. In other words, a floor loaded container is a shipping container wherein all of the freight has been stacked onto the floor, instead of on to … Read More

What is a Bill of Lading?


Every package larger than an envelope that has ever been shipped has included a bill of lading, however, if shipping freight isn’t a part of your daily life then you are perhaps unfamiliar with a bill of lading, what it does and why they are so important. A bill of … Read More

Shipping Costs are a Warehousing Problem

I read a great article on the cost of free shipping and how it is destroying margins for retailers and ecommerce companies.  Shipping costs are often blamed for the poor margins at ecommerce companies, but what these articles miss is that high shipping costs are a result of an insufficient … Read More