How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Better Shipping 

A customer clicks on a Facebook ad, browses your site and finds a product they love. They add it to their cart and start the checkout process. Sounds like the dream scenario, right? But what happens when that shopper leaves your site without ever having completed the transaction? What Is … Read More

Tips for Peak Season Holiday Fulfillment

The holiday season is paramount for e-commerce businesses, with many retailers doubling or tripling their average profits over a few short months. Though holiday shopping officially kicks off on Black Friday, e-commerce brands must prepare for holiday fulfillment months in advance to ensure a smooth and successful selling season.  One … Read More

The Ultimate DTC Holiday E-Commerce Guide

The holidays might not be top of mind yet for most consumers, but brands and retailers know that planning for these make-or-break moments starts early. This year, early means now. Many major big box retailers, including Best Buy, Target and Walmart, will close their doors to shoppers on Thanksgiving Day, … Read More

A Guide to Peak Season Shipping Costs and Surcharges

The 2021 holiday season is set to be the biggest of all time, with $206.88 billion forecasted in e-commerce sales alone. With an uptick in sales comes an increase in packages routed through major shipping companies – in fact, package delivery demand is projected to exceed capacity by about 5 … Read More

A Guide To Premium Shipping Options

Premium shipping Package Packaging Box Shipment Packet

Creating a premium customer experience is essential in the world of e-commerce. One of the most important factors in meeting customer satisfaction is shipping speed. Customers want items they’ve paid for to be delivered as soon as possible. To compete in the market, a business needs to have fast shipping … Read More

Order Fulfillment Strategies: Tips for Improving Order Fulfillment Times


Though the rapid demand for products has somewhat normalized in the later stages of the coronavirus pandemic, speedy delivery times will always be in peak demand. In this eCommerce order fulfillment guide you will find tips for improving order fulfillment times, best practices for faster shipping and the latest technologies to … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Fulfillment


Right now, omnichannel fulfillment is the key driver of growth in the e-commerce warehousing and fulfillment industry. That’s because fulfillment strategies make life easier on the customer, and what’s good for the customer is good for your business. In this article we’ll explore omnichannel fulfillment, its complexities and how Flowspace … Read More