Scale Your Storage Strategy for Optimum Fulfillment

As the pace of e-commerce continues to quicken, the smartest brands are thinking now about how to prepare their supply chain and operations for sustained growth. While it’s true that more than 50% of organizations have not yet actively started to build a roadmap for supply chain digital transformation – … Read More

Omnichannel Fulfillment: Why It’s No Longer Optional

omnichannel fulfillment

67 percent of brands say that an omnichannel strategy is either critical or important to their company. 53 percent of retailers say they plan to invest in technology to improve their omnichannel fulfillment services, and 9 out of 10 customers say they prefer the omnichannel experience.  These trends show that … Read More

Order Fulfillment Strategies: Tips for Improving Order Fulfillment Times


Though the rapid demand for products has somewhat normalized in the later stages of the coronavirus pandemic, speedy delivery times will always be in peak demand. In this eCommerce order fulfillment guide you will find tips for improving order fulfillment times, best practices for faster shipping and the latest technologies to … Read More

7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Order Fulfillment Center


It doesn’t matter if you fill orders in your living room or in a 10,000 sq ft warehouse, at some point your e-commerce brand will outgrow your current order fulfillment center. But recognizing when you’ve outgrown your e-commerce order fulfillment provider is easier said than done. This article will help … Read More

What is a SKU and How are They Used in Retail


It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran retailer or just now preparing to launch your eCommerce store, you need a reliable way to track your inventory. That’s where SKU numbers come in to play. But what are SKU numbers, and why are they so important? This article has everything you need … Read More

How to Evaluate Your Fulfillment Partner

Flowspace fulfillment partner

If you’re wondering how to evaluate your current fulfillment partner, then let us be the first to congratulate you on your success. It isn’t easy growing an e-commerce business to the coveted point where your fulfillment operations are now too small for the size and scale of your business.   In … Read More

The Future of Distributed Inventory


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we can say that the future of distributed inventory is almost certain. With mass quarantines in place, e-commerce is no longer just facet of your distribution strategy, it IS your distribution strategy until the Coronavirus passes and stay-at-home orders are lifted.  In this blog post … Read More

How To Avoid Stockouts And Overstocking


For most retailers, stockouts are a worst case scenario. You can’t make any money if you run out of inventory to sell, but holding too much inventory can eat away at profitability. You have to strike the right balance between out-of-stock and overstock.   In this article you’ll learn the basics … Read More

Ecommerce Fulfillment 201: Fulfillment Planning Strategy

Fulfillment Planning with Flowspace

Ecommerce is an extremely competitive business. To succeed you need ambition, ingenuity, and the willingness to learn. That last bit is important, because without the willingness to learn, you have a diminished chance of understanding this industry well enough to survive it. Fortunately, this installment of the eCommerce Fulfillment Learning Series by … Read More

A Path to Loyalty: How Reliable Fulfillment Drives Customer Loyalty


Prior to the events of COVID-19, e-commerce was a convenience for consumers and revenue stream for retailers. Now, e-commerce is an essential lifeline for customers and retailers alike. In a world of stay-at-home orders and social-distancing rules, you’re likely never going to meet your customer. You have to rely on … Read More