How Do Fulfillment Centers Work?

E-commerce is a multi-faceted industry that requires a place to store, package, and ship inventory. A business owner that is first starting in the e-commerce space may use their own home office or garage as a makeshift setup to fulfill online orders on their own. However, as they begin to … Read More

Here’s What You Need to Know About Sustainable Packaging

This is a guest post from our friends at noissue, Flowspace’s partner for sustainable packaging and shipping materials. It’s no secret that value-driven customers are more enthusiastic about sustainable businesses, both in their practices and products. That’s why now is an opportune time for your business to lead the conversation … Read More

Omnichannel Fulfillment: Why It’s No Longer Optional

omnichannel fulfillment

67 percent of brands say that an omnichannel strategy is either critical or important to their company. 53 percent of retailers say they plan to invest in technology to improve their omnichannel fulfillment services, and 9 out of 10 customers say they prefer the omnichannel experience.  These trends show that … Read More

FIFO vs LIFO: Which is the Better Method

fifo vs lifo

Inventory represents the largest asset of any product-oriented business. That’s why inventory management is so important, because the way you value your inventory has profound effects on your taxes, income, logistics, and profitability. LIFO and FIFO are the most common methods of inventory valuation for product-oriented businesses. Though each has … Read More

The Dynamic Warehouse: Helping Businesses Of All Sizes

dynamic warehouse

As businesses of all sizes—especially after this year—know, warehousing can often be one of the most inflexible points along the global supply chain. If not building out their own unique warehouses, it is common for businesses to not only enter into long-term warehousing contracts which extend far into the unknown … Read More

How Globalization Impacts Supply Chain Management

In recent decades the world has become much, much smaller than it used to be. The internet and significant improvements to transportation infrastructures has turned the world into one globalized international trade market. This global market offers businesses opportunities to reach new customers and secure a diverse selection of new … Read More