B2B Distribution Fulfillment

Nothing is more crucial than getting your product in front of your customers. That's why Flowspace specializes in B2B fulfillment services and EDI formatting to make sure it's retail-ready.

With a few clicks, our software enables you to process orders in bulk, giving you the time to focus on making happy customers. Our B2B fulfillment centers will make sure that no case or pallet is left behind.

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Many Products, Many Locations

Your retail locations are all over the country - so is Flowspace. That's why you're not limited to one product per warehouse. Whether you have one or one hundred pallets, you choose how many go where - anywhere in the country.

Compliance is Key

Making sure your shipment is EDI compliant doesn't have to be a hassle. Before your product is shipped, Flowspace makes sure it's shipped the way your retailer requires. Every time.

Shipped the Way You Want

Sometimes your products have special shipping requirements - we take care of those too. Whenever, wherever, and however many pallets you have, Flowspace makes sure it goes to the right place at the right time every time.

Retail Stores Like Us, Too

Our experience in retail fulfillment has made us a favorite of the retail stores, too. From EDI compliance to meeting shipping deadlines, your success is our mission.

Powerful Software Puts
You in Control

Keeping Your Scorecard Green

Big box chains give vendors scorecards to measure the health of the relationship. On-time and in-full shipments. Flowspace ensures you're always in the green.

No More Retail Chargebacks

Accurate and sufficient information on the ASN, labels that scan flawlessly, shipments arriving on time, not too early or too late. These are just a few ways we ensure you minimize the risk of chargebacks.

On-time Deliveries

A shipment too early is as wrong as a shipment too late. With Flowspace, you can easily manage replenishment schedules for multiple stores. On-time. Every time.

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